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Translating themes by using .po files
  • Hello Everyone,

    As you may realized already I have started to include .po files to my WordPress themes. You can easily translate these themes into your language. If you are using WordPress in your language, for example; German, you all need to download a software and translate a .po file. In order to do that just go to http://www.poedit.net/ download and install the software into your computer. Once you have installed please follow these steps;

    1) open the *theme*/languages/ folder and duplicate the rt_theme.po file as in your language code. For example; for German you need to re-name it as de_DE.po for Spanish es_ES.po for Turkish tr_TR.po etc. You can find all the codes from this link http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_in_Your_Language

    2) Once open the .po file with the PoEdit you will see the all strings that needs to be translated. Type the translation of a string into the "Translation" column. Do not delete or edit "Orginal string" part.

    3) When you finish translating and saved the file you will found a new .mo file in the same directory such as de_DE.mo

    4) That's it, upload the new files into the languages folder of the theme /wp-content/themes/rttheme*/languages/

    5) You don't need to activate anything! If you have WordPress installed in your language, it will detect the language file automatically. If you don't please follow http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress_in_Your_Language

    Share the translation files with other users;

    If you would like to share your translation files with the other users, I will be glad to include it in the theme package and credit your name and web site link into the item dashboard. http://support-rt.com/discussion/4439/share-your-translations-with-other-users

    Best Regards,

    Tolga Can
  • Hi,

    Your theme comes with language files.

    one of them is called rt_theme_XX.po where XX is the number of the theme.

    you can open this with po-edit program which you can download from internet.

    1) now first you have to know your language settings from wordpress.
    suppose you live in france then the language code is fr_FR

    2) so you can copy the rt_theme_16.po to fr_FR.po

    3) open the file with poedit and translate all the english words to in this case french. Save the po file. You will get fr_FR.po and fr_FR.mo

    4) upload both files by ftp to the language folder of your theme.

    5) you can translate the language files that came with your theme into your own language even if your own language is english and you just want to use different "wording". You need to create a file called en_US.po and en_US.mo by using poedit.exe and start "translating" or in your case replacing the wording.

    it takes less then 30 minutes todo so.

    Thats it.
    Best regards,
  • Hi

    lately we get reports that mo files are not created by poedit. Please check your poedit preferences.....

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    Set the mo file creation to ON in the settings so that when the po is saved the mo is created automatically.

    Best regards,