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Tutorial: Using Wordpress Menu Tools!
  • This tutorial is for the themes listed below;
    • RT-Themes 4
    • RT-Themes 6
    • RT-Themes 7
    • RT-Themes 9
    • RT-Themes 10
    • RT-Themes 11
    • RT-Themes 12
    • RT-Themes 13
    • RT-Themes 14
    • RT-Themes 15
    • RT-Themes 16
    • RT-Themes 17

    We get a lot of questions about menus and drop-down menus, so i thought a tutorial would be good to show how you can use the wodpress's menu tools.

    1) Open your wordpress admin panel
    2) Go to Appearence → Menus
    3) Click one the menu tabs top of the page, for example "RT-Theme Main Navigation Menu"
    4) Use the boxes where left side of the menu screen to add new menu item to your menu. For example "Pages", "Custom Links"
    5) If you need Categories, Posts, Product Categories, Portfolio Categories etc. click the "Screen Options" button where top -right of the screen and click items to activate on the menu screen.


    6) To create Drop-Down menus drag and drop a menu item under another item. (not works with RT-Theme 9, it's support only single level drop down menus!)


    7) Click "Save Menu" button to save your menu.

    Here is an example menu from demo page of RT-Theme 13

    click images to enlarge


    If you still need assistance, please feel free to ask.

    Warm Regards,
    Tolga Can
  • I am both angry and happy that I have the solution. Angry because I couldn't find any information on this. Is it in the documentation? If not, it should be. If it is, then I'm guilty for "trying to assemble my kid's bike without reading the instructions".

    And of course, I am happy because it is a very simple solution that works like "magic".

    Thank you very much.
    John Carleo
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  • Hi there,

    I created the menu successfully in English, but now I've translated it to Greek also and I can't get the letters to show. Both custom and pages are created, but can't be viewed. Please tell me there's a solution, because otherwise no multilingual site :-(

    Thank you
  • Hello stmcan, I love your theme. I just purchased rttheme 13 yesterday and cannot get my blog page or any other page I tried to create to appear. Here is the link http://courtfilingservices.com
    You can see the blog page if you type /blog after the domain name. I cannot get that page to work properly either. I also cannot get the sidebar or homepage slider to work. Please help and point me in the right direction.
  • Sorry stmcan, I figured it out. But I still haven't figured out how to get the sidebars and widgets to appear. Please still help!
  • My widgets and sidebars are also not appearing - please see my other thread in the RT 11 forum. Thanks
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  • Hi

    I've bought theme RT-theme 10. Its great. I have one problem. I'm trying to add sub-menus for products and portfolio categories but i don't have them on the RT-Theme Left Navigation Menu page. I only have Categories for blog so I can only add sub-menu categories for blog. Can you please help me?

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  • Hi,

    Tx but I dont need that. What I need is option to create submenu for products and (or) portfolio categories. Btw I have created categories for both products and portofolio but like i said cant create submenus cause I dont see them in wp admin menu page. I show it to u.


  • Hello there,

    I'm very excited to customize my RT Theme 10! I've managed to create a drop down menu, unfortunately, when I click on the subcategory for example Product > Product Category, the drop down no longer appears as if I was on the index or any other page other than Product. Drop down only appears when I click the main Products, any other lower tier page doesn't show the drop down.
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  • Landon,

    Great!!! Everything works now. Thanks once again.

  • My link can be found at: http://laubeau.com/williams/

    When you click on the products, there is a drop down for sub categories. However, when you click into one of the sub categories, core groups or support groups, the categories are no longer shown as part of the left navigation.

    Thanks again!
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  • Have you had a chance to figure out what the issue yet? I did not modify any code or anything but it still remains the same issue.
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